What is a HER Token

The HER token intends to be a new cryptocurrency and utility token. Embeded into the Herdius ecosystem it acts as the Herdius network’s central incentive and rewards mechanism.

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HER tokens are underlying all transactions inside the Herdius ecosystem. Wheter these fees originate from cross-blockchain operations, dApp use, external transactions, and trade orders they can all be optionally be paid for using HER tokens. However, the use of all services inside Herdius does not necessarily require the ownership of our tokens.


Holders of HER tokens can choose to participate in the Herdius network as validator nodes inside our Proof-of-Stake system. In our protocol, the role of validators is to verify all transactions flowing through the Herdius blockchain. By participating inside the protocol through locking in Herdius tokens, our validators can earn their respective fees that were the result of their work as validators.



We want to include make it as easy as possible for holders of HER tokens to be inclucded in our system. This means the ability to stake HER tokens from within their wallet as well as making it as easy as possible for everyone to be a part of the Herdius ecosystem.

Potential of HER

Growth at Herdius

The size of our network and ecosystem as well as number of transactions within directly correlates to HER tokens. For this very reason we want to include connectivity with as many quality apps as possible. A goal for us is to create a new wallet experience by having access to all the best products and services cryptocurrency networks can offer.


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