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The Electronic WAIter. Without the WAIt.


All-in-one software

User web app accessible on
or download the IOS or Android app. 

Web application for restaurant staff to manage orders during the service. Access from a tablet/smartphone/laptop

Web application to manage your menu, tables, QR codes, and other admin information.

- Client Experience -

Step 1

Scan QR code

Sit at the table and scan the QR code with your smartphone. The menu appears on the screen.

Step 2

Select & Order

Select your favorite items and place your order directly from your smartphone.

Step 3


The staff will receive, prepare and deliver your order in no time. Enjoy!

Step 4

Split & Pay

Split the way you like and pay directly on the app. Don’t worry, the waiter will know you are good to go!
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- Staff Experience -

Step 1

Set up

Get in contact with our team to set up the system and manage your restaurant information.

Step 2

Receive Orders

Log in to your staff web app on a tablet or another device to receive and manage your orders during service (at a bar, kitchen or both)

Step 3

Prepare & Serve

Deliver great service by focusing on your recipes.

Step 4

Receive payment

Gain time and let the client pay directly from his smartphone. Connect your bank account and receive the money instantly.

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