Powerful Cryptocurrency Platform

Herdius intends to build a highly performant decentralized financial platform. Using the latest innovation in distributed systems design, we are aiming to be the next-generation infrastructure for the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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no middleman

Truly Decentralized

Herdius’ infrastructure intends to be fully distributed, highly performant and secure. With our decentralized exchange, we aim at facilitating trading of all digital assets - regardless of the underlying blockchain. We envisage our exchange to provide superior liquidity and user experience without middlemen and single points of failure, resulting in more security for you and your private keys!.

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infinite chains number

Instant Transactions
Across Chains

We aim to dramatically improve the user experience in the token economy. Herdius' goal is to enable users to transact assets between different chains in almost no time. We want our efficient sidechain approach to allow for fast & cheap transactions, regardless of the tokens’ underlying chain. Our mission is to build a highly scalable and performant architecture that is expected to significantly reduce the confirmation times.

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decentralized apps

Scalable Infrastructure
for the Token Economy

With the Herdius system, we aim at providing a powerful, efficient and scalable backend for the emerging token economy. Our technology stack design is expected to function as backbone infrastructure for the cryptocurrency ecosystem, from financial services to next-generation dApps. Herdius aims to lower the barrier of entry to new users and significantly fasten up the process of using and accessing dApps.

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the countdown


Herdius ICO begins at the end of Q1, 2018



Balazs Deme

Founder & CEO

Balazs has been involved in the blockchain space since 2012. Before founding Herdius, he has launched and worked on different ventures across a wide range of industries, from eCommerce to the gaming market. Besides blockchain, he has also been heavily involved in A.I. development projects in recent years. Before moving to Berlin, he lived in Budapest and Houston, Texas.

Thomas Euler

Ecosystem & Strategy

Thomas spent the past decade in digital business. In his last job before going independent, he CEOed a digital transformation consulting boutique. He helped numerous clients - from global brands to startups - to develop their digital strategies. He's also a decentralized systems geek and blockchain enthusiast.

Jorgen Brandt

Senior Software Engineer

Jörgen is a PHD candidate from Humboldt University of Berlin focusing on large scale distributed dataflow systems. Having developed his own workflow specification language based on Hadoop YARN Jörgen will be a key team member developing Herdius's very own scripting lanugage.

Soja Subhagar

Marketing Analyst

Soja is a marketing and branding specialist with great people skills and a flair in writing. She worked in statutory auditing and later in Greenpeace public engagement projects before moving to Germany to launch her career in marketing.

Albert Callarisa Roca

Senior Software Engineer

Albert is Software Engineer with over a decade of experience in back-end development focusing most of his time on scalable distributed sytems. He is most confident in using Go, Node.js as well as PostgreSQL.

Rokas Budrauskas

Business Analyst

Rokas is a passionate young executive with remarkable work experience in the area of Marketing and Business Development. He brings great energy and talent to the team.




What is Herdius?

Exploring what Herdius is and why we are different.

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Decentralized vs. Centralized exchanges

What is Herdius and how is it different than compared to traditionally centralized exchanges?

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Berlin, the cryptocurrency capital

Berliner Blockchain-Start-Up kündigt sein Initial Coin Offering (ICO) an. Der private Token-Vorverkauf beginnt 11. Dezember 2017, der öffentliche ICO folgt in Q1 2018.


A Cryptocurrency Transaction Layer

A Path for Blockchain to go Mainstream?

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The HER Cryptocurrency Pt. 1

Explaining the utility of HER tokens

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"Schwarze Schafe dominieren den Markt"

Balazs Deme sammelt für sein Start-up Geld über einen ICO ein, eine digitale Finanzierungsrunde. Warum er sich gegen klassisches Risikokapital entschied, und wie er sich vom schlechten Ruf der ICOs befreien will.

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Braucht es den Equity Token?

Balazs Deme, Gründer und Geschäftsführer des Berliner Blockchain-Start-ups Herdius, schildert in einem Gastbeitrag, wieso er sich für den Standort Deutschland entschieden hat, um einen ICO durchzuführen. Er berichtet von regulatorischen Hürden und Möglichkeiten und erklärt, warum Deutschland wider Erwarten ein interessanter Standort für ernsthafte Krypto-Projekte ist.


Interview with Balazs Deme, CEO of Herdius


Become a Herdius Ambassador

Introducing a community-focused incentive scheme

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Deutsches ICO-Projekt Herdius will Kryptowährungen massentauglich machen

Berliner Blockchain-Start-Up kündigt sein Initial Coin Offering (ICO) an. Der private Token-Vorverkauf beginnt 11. Dezember 2017, der öffentliche ICO folgt in Q1 2018.


The Making of Herdius

How the Herdius architecture evolved over time

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Introducing Herdius

A Decentralized Exchange Platform for Cryptocurrencies. Envisioned in Germany, Made for the World.

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