Gateway to the Decentralized Web

Herdius is a protocol to access the whole decentralized web. Interact directly with any smart contract, dApp built on Ethereum & other blockchain without the need for tokens using a single private key and app.

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Universal Identity

Direct Cross-Blockchain
Operations and Transactions

Herdius’ infrastructure allows you to send transactions, or perform operations, cross-blockchain. You can fully interact with any smart contract running on Ethereum regardless of what other crypto currency you hold, or where you store them. It also enables you to transfer Bitcoins to a Bitcoin address in a single transaction by only having Ether or other crypto currencies.

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Identity Bridge

Herdius interconnects blockchain users and networks split in different ecosystems. We provide users direct access to dApps regardless of which blockchain they run on. Develeopers do not need to implement the Herdius protocol since it communicates directly with the blockchain their dApp is built on out of the box.

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Connecting Decentralized Finance

Infrastructure Enabling
Decentralized Finance

Herdius interconnects all current decentralized finance protocols such as Uniswap, Compound, Dharma and all future ones into a single interface. Allowing our users to participate in every one of them at the same time. Herdius provides the infrastructure to make DeFi happen.

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Balazs Deme

Founder & CEO

Balazs has been involved in the blockchain space since 2012. Before founding Herdius, he has launched and worked on different ventures across a wide range of industries, from eCommerce to finance and chatbots. Balazs likes to think of himself as a product person with the goal of providing as much value to users as possible. He prefers to shape tech around experience rather than the other way around.

Hilmar Buchholz

Assistant to the CEO

Hilmar brings years of experience to Herdius. Having worked at Germany's first e-mobility startup, followed by later studies in China, he moved back to Berlin to run most day-to-day opperations at eCommerce company eKomi. Hilmar is an all arounder able to take care of any task. His main responsibilities at Herdius is HR, recruitment and administration.

Lingraj Mahanand

Tech Lead

Lingraj is Tech Lead at Herdius and responsible for overseeing all technical development. Lingraj has over 13+ years of experience as an Software Engineer. Prior to joining Herdius, he was Technical Lead at BNY Mellon and Senior Software Engineer at HSBC & Cognizant. He is a key pillar of the Herdius team and likes to work on innovative products.

Cole Bittel

Senior Software Engineer

Cole is a Senior Software Engineer at Herdius responsible for further developing our backend in Go as well as all associated APIs and modules. When there is trouble around DevOps, he is our guy. Cole has spent numerous years at Funding Circle being part of their core Go and DevOps team.




What is Herdius?

Exploring what Herdius is and why we are different.

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Decentralized vs. Centralized exchanges

What is Herdius and how is it different than compared to traditionally centralized exchanges?

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Berlin, the cryptocurrency capital

Berliner Blockchain-Start-Up kündigt sein Initial Coin Offering (ICO) an. Der private Token-Vorverkauf beginnt 11. Dezember 2017, der öffentliche ICO folgt in Q1 2018.


A Cryptocurrency Transaction Layer

A Path for Blockchain to go Mainstream?

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The HER Cryptocurrency Pt. 1

Explaining the utility of HER tokens

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"Schwarze Schafe dominieren den Markt"

Balazs Deme sammelt für sein Start-up Geld über einen ICO ein, eine digitale Finanzierungsrunde. Warum er sich gegen klassisches Risikokapital entschied, und wie er sich vom schlechten Ruf der ICOs befreien will.

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Braucht es den Equity Token?

Balazs Deme, Gründer und Geschäftsführer des Berliner Blockchain-Start-ups Herdius, schildert in einem Gastbeitrag, wieso er sich für den Standort Deutschland entschieden hat, um einen ICO durchzuführen. Er berichtet von regulatorischen Hürden und Möglichkeiten und erklärt, warum Deutschland wider Erwarten ein interessanter Standort für ernsthafte Krypto-Projekte ist.


Interview with Balazs Deme, CEO of Herdius


Become a Herdius Ambassador

Introducing a community-focused incentive scheme

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Deutsches ICO-Projekt Herdius will Kryptowährungen massentauglich machen

Berliner Blockchain-Start-Up kündigt sein Initial Coin Offering (ICO) an. Der private Token-Vorverkauf beginnt 11. Dezember 2017, der öffentliche ICO folgt in Q1 2018.


The Making of Herdius

How the Herdius architecture evolved over time

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Introducing Herdius

A Decentralized Exchange Platform for Cryptocurrencies. Envisioned in Germany, Made for the World.

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